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Loads of people have been asking me in the classes about what to use to clean brushes and how often should you clean them….

Clean Makeup Brushes

Make up tools

Firstly, I wash my makeup brushes weekly , but I also use my brushes far more than most…so my suggestion, at least once a month if not once every two weeks.
As far as what to use, don’t waste your money on special brush cleaning products, a small bit of baby shampoo should suffice.
I have been using the Inglot brush cleaner, I find it works well and was inexpensive.

When washing your brushes follow these quick steps and you will have perfectly clean makeup brushes.

Step 1: Run your brushes through luke warm water , rinsing out an excess makeup.

Step 2: Prepare a bowl of warm water and a little squirt of baby shampoo into a bowl and gently swirl brush around the bowl.

Step 3: Work up the lather into the brush, if you need to work the brush around the palm of your hand.

Step 4: Rinse the brush tips under the running water again, repeat previous steps until the water runs clear from the brushes.

Step 5: Make sure you comb the brushes back into shape , this is important because the shape that the brushes are left in to dry will be the way they stay.

Step 6: Lay a layer of kitchen roll out and lay brushes flat for at least 24 hrs.