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On your wedding day looking your best is the most important factor of the day when you are the bride, this can leave you feeling overwhelmed and put alot of pressure on you.
For this reason, bridal trials are vitally important!!! But what if you don’t know what to use ? Style? Finished look? How do I explain what I want? These are all questions every bride has and to be honest most brides don’t really know exactly what they want, just that they need to look their best. So, what should you expect or accomplish in bridal trial?

Firstly, when I get a bride booking in for her trial, I recommend that if at all possible have something planned for that evening, maybe if you are going to event or even night/ dinner out. It will help you to see how the makeup lasts and wears for a whole day and night. Final touches can always be changed to the ‘bridal’ makeup so that you are not showing everyone your wedding day makeup.

Bridal Trial

Bridal Trial Tips

Most brides will have scoured, looking for the perfect look, this is great but remember, these photos are more than likely filtered and photo shopped , they may not have some colouring or facial characteristics…. SO, choose several pictures, choose pics of eyes you like, skin, foundation, blusher etc. I also recommend that you have a picture of how you look everyday and then going out , to function , wedding etc. Your bridal look should be a happy medium of day and night look. Something that will carry well and photograph beautifully in the daylight but strong enough to carry you into the night.

When you arrive for your trial, time should be spent having a conversation with your MUA, especially if you do not know each other. Your makeup artist needs to get an idea of your personality and natural flair. Things you should be discussing:
*Foundation: Matte(flat, no shine, some women with oily tendencies prefer) or dewy ( soft, natural finish with a glow)
*Style: Natural, vintage, romantic, smokey
*Lips: Nude tones, pinks or reds
*Personal Style: Do you wear makeup everyday ? Do you like smokey eye? Are you a less is more type of girl? This is always key in my opinion because if you never wear makeup, do not over do it because its your wedding day. If you wear black eyeliner and a smokey eye everyday , then you need to incorporate this into your bridal look.

Once you get started and your trial makeup is complete, always be honest with your makeup artist, a trial is about ‘trying’, a small change such as a lip colour can change your look from something you are unsure of to something you are in LOVE with. Where the makeup for the day and night, take loads of pictures. Look back on them and give your feedback to your MUA.

bridal beauty

bridal makeup

The most important part of all is to remember YOU are YOU and that is what makes you BEAUTIFUL!!! What you artist should be helping you to achieve is to look the best version of yourself, so if you love your eyes make them your focus, beautiful cheeks bones really accentuate them and put a lovely blush of colour on cheeks.

Makeup with Megan’s Bridal motto, “Be the most BEAUTIFUL version of YOU!!”

Bridal Makeup Trial

Bridal beauty